Here we go!

So I am beginning this journey of writing movie reviews kind of on a whim. I love to talk about movies with anyone that will listen and also love to watch different movie and TV related shows on YouTube such as Jeremy Jahns, Chris Stuckmann, the various shows on Collider Video, and Screen Junkies. At first, I thought about giving ¬†YouTube or even possibly a podcast a chance but after several trail runs and just overall hating the sound of my own voice, even though my girlfriend to this day says I sound fine (she isn’t going to trick me!), I decided that a more “traditional” form of written reviews for movies and TV shows might be the better route for me.

ENTER the internet and research for a good free blogging sight and by research I mean a quick Google search of “best free blogging sights” and taking one of the top 10 from the list for the first hit to come up. I settled on WordPress and here I am writing my first post only a couple hours after I decided to go the blogging and written review route. So as the great Samuel L. Jackson eloquently said in Jurassic Park(1993) “Hold on to your butts.” and hope you enjoy what is most likely to be a long and arduous journey but one I will enjoy every step of the way.