Deadpool is directed by Tim Miller and stars Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin. Now I will get this out there up front despite what the rest of the review will say I thoroughly ENJOYED this movie, there I said it now on to the review.

Up until a year ago, outside of comic book fans Deadpool was a relatively unknown character and after the horrible rendition of him in Wolverine Origins, also portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, why would we want to see him again let alone in his own movie. These were my thoughts exactly until the trailer and the absolutely brilliant marketing campaign put out by their team and I began to change my tune if only just a little. Now having gone to see the movie on a Monday morning at the first showing (have to get that middle seat and an empty as possible for opening week theater) I can say that all fears I may have had about this movie have been laid to rest. From the opening credits to the after credit scene you will be thoroughly entertained by this movie. Just like all movies Deadpool does have its problems though they do not take away from the overall enjoyment of the film.

There were times in the movie where I felt the pacing in the movie seem to stall a little and some scenes seem to be drawn out or unnecessary. I have this problem with a lot of the flashback scenes, even though I can admit that this may be due to possible super hero origin fatigue. This change in pacing is made especially apparent when you go from a scene where the pacing is going at a blistering pace and jokes are coming one after the other then BAM! flashback and you are taken out of the scene for a small piece of the origin story. While these did not ruin the overall enjoyment of the film I did find myself wanted them to end and get back to the current timeline.

Overall Deadpool is one of the most entertaining times I have had at the theater in a long time, except for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If Deadpool is a prediction for the comic book movies that are to come in 2016 then we are in for quite a year!

I give Deadpool(2016) an 8/10


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